The Wall

Separation, barrier, apartheid wall, Palestine, West Bank

“Self-Determination for Palestine” © 2017 Susan M Hall

The Green Line

The Green Line or pre-1967 Israeli border was agreed to in the 1949 Armistice Agreements between Israel, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria after the 1948 Arab–Israeli War.  It served as the border of the State of Israel from 1949 until the Six-Day War in 1967.

Separation Wall, Bethlehem, Palestine

© 2017 Susan M Hall

Construction of the Wall

The Second Intifada or “uprising”, a period of intensified Israeli-Palestinian violence, began in 2000 and ended in 2005.  In 2002, the Israeli government approved the construction of the wall with the intent of preventing violent attacks including suicide bombings by Palestinians against Israeli Jews.  85 percent of the wall runs outside of the Green Line encroaching on Palestinian territory.

Separation Wall Palestine peace sign

© 2017 Susan M Hall

International Court of Justice Opinion

The International Court of Justice, in a 2004 advisory opinion, found that the construction of the wall by Israel in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, was contrary to international law.

Some Israeli’s believe that Palestinians should voluntarily leave or be deported.  Some Palestinians, like the man I spoke to on the airport shuttle, have bowed to pressure and became citizens of Jordan.   He noted with irony that as a Jordanian he is required to apply for a visa to visit his family home in Ramallah.

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