Fitzgerald Marine Reserve

Tidepool Fitzgerald Marine Reserve
© 2011 Susan M Hall

Fitzgerald Marine Reserve is a 4 mile stretch of tide pools in Moss Beach, California, USA.

It is a “Marine Protected” sanctuary for sea anemones, sea urchins, starfish, abalone, hermit crabs, kelp crabs, and octopi, as well as, harbor seals and sea birds.  The best time to visit the tidepools is during a zero or negative low tide.


Hosteling International’s  Montara Lighthouse Hostel, a working lighthouse and former Coast Guard quarters, is located 1.1 miles north of Fitzgerald Marine Reserve.  Dorm style beds can be reserved for $33.-36 dollars a night.  Guests can enjoy a cup of locally roasted organic coffee from the hostel expresso bar.


San Benito Deli
365 Main St, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019
The deli serves whole or half sandwiches on freshly baked wheat, French or olive walnut bread, as well as, soups, salads, dessert, cold drinks, and beer.

Sams Chowder House
4210 Cabrillo Hwy N, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019
The “to go” menu features lobster, clams and mussels, as well as, corn-on-the-cob, Andouille sausage, red potatoes, clam chowder, and coleslaw.

Half Moon Bay Bakery 
514 Main St, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019
The bakery is famous for its pumpkin bread.

Sea Anemone
© 2007 Susan M Hall

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